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Delivered Within 3 to 4 Business Days In Ontario and Quebec.

We at the Bean Bag Factory believe that our chairs are The Best in the World.   Canadian Flag

It seems that Chapters Indigo, Kraft Foods, The University of Toronto, Pepsi, TIFF, Fido Phone, BELL, Atlantis Hotel 'n' Resort and many more of our clients agree. That is why they have chosen Beanbag Factory chairs to create their comfortable lounge seating. Our chairs are Made in Canada Canadian Flag for YOU - they fit your unique body type perfectly whether you are a child or adult. These chairs are your strongest most durable best friends who always welcome you with a warm hug Canadian Flag. Just like a best friend - BBF beanbags are there to support you, whenever and where ever you need them. You can make a BBF chill out lounge anywhere, anytime and invite all your friends and family to enjoy it. Enjoy superior comfort and sophisticated design.

You too can have a BBF chair today  Canadian Flag

Did you know that............

  • Beanbag chairs were designed like a flower with a centre circle and 6 petals to represent the days of Flower Power
  • Beanbag chairs help children with autism as they work on the "sensory pressure" principle
  • Beanbag chairs are recommended in recovery for children suffering from hip dysplasia or in body casts
  • Beanbag chairs work as great seats to help patients relax in after brain surgery
  • Beanbag chairs are ergonomic in design and can be filled up to be more firm to support the spine and prevent backache
  • Beanbag chairs are light and easy to carry around from room to room or for both indoors and out
  • Beanbag chairs are perfect seats for schools, universities and hospitals as they are easy to stack, clean and sanitize

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