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About Us

We take pride in being the only manufacturer in CanadaCanada Umbrella of custom designed bean bag chairs. Our standard range of products offers a choice of the most popular bean bag styles such as the King Bean Bag, Queen Bean Bag, Kid Bean Bag and the famous Lounge Bean Bag.

We supply bean bag chairs to corporations, individuals, spa’s, child care centers, dental offices, hospitals, conference centers, recreation rooms, banks, car service stations, and more, areas where durability and style are a must. Our bean bag chairs are used in special events for our corporate clients such as I-mate and Philip Morris. We can provide custom design bean bag chairs for your exhibit booths, at conferences and product launches in corporate colors with brand image.

Our bean bag chairs are made of top quality materials and are guaranteed to last. The vivid coloured materials that we use are high quality leatherettes of German origin that make the chairs look chic and sophisticated. In addition to sleek lines we aim for extreme comfort with full neck, back and arm support. We produce them in standard leatherette as recommended by our quality testing for durability and longevity.

At home our bean bag chairs are just perfect for relaxing at watching TV, playing video games, reading your favorite book or working long hours on your laptop. So whether you’re an adult or a child you will love all our bean bag chairs. Why not give a gift of love this festive season.

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